Things You Need To Know Before Becoming a Wedding Photographer

photography equipmentIf you want to be a wedding photographer, you have to know way ahead of time that it is not always all about photography. This may come as a bit of a surprise but the photography part of things only makes up about a quarter of the whole deal. Most of it is in the attitude and the way you manage things and people in general and that is something that you should prepare as well before you think about launching a career out of wedding photography. You also have to understand that this is a tough niche for you to muscle yourself into but once you get in, it is something that can bring in some really lucrative results and this is something that you can do for a long time if you are persistent enough to succeed in it.


The most important part of course, is your gear. You need to make sure that you really go through the motions of knowing your gear inside and out. Read the manual and go through pretty much everything that you would need to go through. Check out the different settings, modes and even the options being offered out to you by the lenses. There are image stabilizers, speedlite options, and so many other things that you need to be acquainted with. You need to get to know all of these like the back of your hand. Once you get to the point that you are already capable and manageable enough to manhandle your camera, get out there and practice filming every day. It would even be better if you can practice doing this with a friend. You should learn how to properly film your subjects too.


Scouting the location is one of the most important things that you will ever get to do before the big day. Really familiarizing yourself with the whole place and figuring out how you will be able to pose the people you need to take photos of will really help a lot with the composition and the framing of the entire landscape of things. If you think that the place is something a bit far off (as what the case is with destination weddings), you can opt to try googling the place instead just so that you at least see how it is from the pictures.

Must-have shots

Make a list of your must-have shots and make sure that you get to actually write it down. This will make it easy for you to remember and you can guarantee that you do not get to miss out on anything important as well. This is crucial particularly if this is something that the clients are asking from you. Over time, you will learn to be able to remember all of the shots that you need to take but until you are at that level, try to keep a physical list with you so you can mark it off as you go along. This is your best bet in making sure that you do not forget anything important.