Makeup Tips for Every Wedding Photographer

wedding photography makeupA wedding photographer should know his craft in and out like the back of his hand. Regardless of the fact that you may be male or female, you will still need to tread your way through the world of makeup and learn the tricks needed to make sure that your photos come out looking as great as you would like them all to be. The point is that the bride will be wearing a lot of makeup one way or the other. One flaw in the makeup process can totally mess up your photos. No matter how beautifully you take your photos, if the bride is made up the wrong way, it can ruin everything once and for all. You do not want that kind of unfortunate thing to happen to you and to your photos, if you can help it. Here are a few tips that will help you out at some point.

Make sure that the makeup artist starts everything off with a high quality primer.

A primer will ensure that the bride’s makeup stands a good chance against sweat, humidity, as well as long hours of wedding celebration. This will also make sure that any fine lines or any other kinds of imperfections will be fully concealed. You will eventually be able to produce photos that will make the bride’s skin look as smooth as porcelain. Camera lenses can be extremely cruel or harsh in such a way wherein they can magnify any minor imperfections. A primer set well in place will take care of that particular issue.

Do not allow the neck to be neglected.

Most makeup artists stop applying makeup right at the jaw line. As  a wedding photographer essex, make it a point for you to be alert enough to remind them that the neck should also be included in the makeup process. This may be not as obvious to the naked eye but it is something that will be extremely noticeable in the photos.

Make sure that the face is framed accordingly.

The best kind of contouring would usually define the shadows under the cheeks, the nose line, the line under the jaws, as well as the frames of the forehead. There is such a thing called balance and that is to be the case with the contouring as well. The brow bones, the apples of the cheeks, the t-zone and the chin should be highlighted with a shimmery powder to make sure that the shadow and light is balanced out and they will be quite evident in the photos.

Make sure that the eye brows are reinforced.

This is probably one of the most underrated features of the fact that can seriously transform it for the better if it is made up correctly. Eye brows have the nasty habit of disappearing in the photos and you do not want your bride to be photographed sans brows. A nice taupe shade should do. You do not have to delve into the specifics here, just make sure that they are outlined as they should be.