Vital Wedding Photography Equipment to Invest In

wedding photography1. High quality cameras of course, because, duh!

This should really go without saying but we’ll say it anyway. Wedding photography equates to gorgeous looking and high quality pictures and you can’t take them or produce them with low quality gear. This is basically your first line of defense and something that you should prepare for. Launching a career without a nice set of high quality cameras is just impossible so get to work and pool enough funds for you to be able to at least start out with a couple of high quality cameras to get you up and running.

2. Get your hands on a few basic photography accessories.

Some of the important items are tripod, a reflector, an external flash gun, and a sturdy camera bag. You need great accessories to help you out in capturing those perfect wedding photography images. You need a tripod, just for added stability and for those long or extended photo shoots. You’re going to need a reflector so you can balance out the light and dark elements and so that you do not end up with a whole lot of washed out and overexposed photos. It is advisable although not entirely required for you to invest in an external flash gun, just so that you have your flash sitting a little higher up the actual lens which will give you less harsh photos. And of course, you’re going to need a sturdy back to hold everything together. Wedding photographers should be extremely agile and mobile and you can only do that when you have a nice bag that you can depend on to have all your gear brought with you all in one go.

3. Film in RAW and never in JPEG format.

RAW format brings in better quality photos than JPEG can ever dream of bringing you. That, in itself should be argument enough for you to always remember to always film your images in RAW format and not in JPEG format. Sure, RAW tends to eat up a whole lot more of memory space but when you come to think of it, that’s a really small price to pay in exchange for really great looking photos that have everything complete and not looking washed out or grainy in the least bit.

4. Extra batteries and memory cards will save your life someday.

This is a no-brainer. You need to stock up ahead of time to make sure that you have enough batteries and memory cards that will get to last you the entire event. Weddings can be extremely lengthy and they can drag on for hours and it’s your responsibility to make sure that you are able to really see everything through.

5. Start off by investing in at least 2 basic lenses.

You’re going to need two basic lenses, one for your group photos and the other for your solo or portrait photos. These two kinds of shots are absolute requirements for wedding photography so these should make the cut for your first two basic lenses.