What Wedding Photographers Should Do When They Blog

wedding photographerBlogging is one of the most important things that you will ever get to make when it comes to you growing your business if this is something that you are just starting out with at some point. The more veteran wedding photographers south wales will actually tell you that this is something that is worth all of the time and all of the effort that is being put into it. Every single wedding that you cover over the span of your career should be catalogued accordingly and the blog is the most perfect venue for it. It is basically a little homage to your clients, a form of thank you gift for hiring you that they can look back on while at the same time check online. However, more than anything else, the blog really is more of for you and for your future clients.

You probably do not realize this just yet but your blog platform is actually one of the most important pieces of marketing venues for you to be able to get your hands on one way or the other. If this is something that you are fairly new with, you can benefit from a few basic pointers. Writing should be second nature to wedding photographers out there but if not, do not worry, it is something that you can definitely work on.

Put in the extra effort of actually tagging the images that you post in your blogs.

Be well advised ahead of time that this is something that requires a bit more work than usual. What you will want to do is to optimize your posts. You just have to get in there and just go ahead and do it. WordPress will actually let you add in a caption of some sort in your images. It does not have to be anything incredibly eloquent or anything like that. Basically, all that you need to rely on at this point is just a good dose of common sense and some kind of conciseness. It will make sure that when people put in keywords that match up to the images that you have tagged in your images, it will basically link the searcher back to your blog. Imagine the possibilities.

Make sure that you actually remember to put up a vendor list at the very bottom of your blog.

It is basically just a list that has the live links of all of the vendors who have participated in providing their professional services in the wedding. What is usually being done is the name of the vendor, the phone number, and the live link to their own blogs. During the actual wedding event, the most convenient way to gather the information is for you or anyone from your team to go around and ask for the business cards of all of the wedding industry professionals providing at the wedding. If there is a wedding planner, it would usually be far easier to just go to the wedding planner because he or she will most likely have everything listed down and catalogued anyway. Email all of the vendors and let them know that you had them listed at the bottom of your blog. This may be a really small gesture for you but you can bank on the fact that the vendors will get to remember this. This is something that will be reciprocated tremendously, probably more than what you put in.