How to Decide Your Wedding Photography Style: 3 Questions to Answer

wedding photographer EssexAs a beginner wedding photographer Essex, determining your main style is very important. Although you can take on projects of different style, the more specialized you are, the more trust your clients will have on you with their request to have a particular tone in their wedding album.

After answering these 6 questions, you are expected to be able to set out to deepen your knowledge in that style and be able to confidently answer your clients, too.

1.     How many major wedding photography styles do you know?

I’ll help you answer this; there are 3 major styles.

Reportage is a style where you snap pictures in a storytelling way. The purpose of this is like a complete documentation of the wedding party with purely pictures and the most important key here is the essence of timelessness.

Fine art is a style where you focus on the beauty and aesthetic of the moment. Although this style also demands a storytelling theme, it is more of a dreamy storytelling where your focus is to create a fantasy like or dream like pictures for your clients.

Posed or traditional is the usual posed pictures where your clients are to stand in a certain ways before snapping the pictures.

2.     What are your pictures composed of?

Before setting into wedding photography, you might have taken quite a number of random pictures yourselves. Analyze them. What are your main subjects? Are they people or still lives? Are they objects or landscapes? If your pictures are mainly focused on people, what is it from those pictures that made you want to capture it? Is it the importance of the event, the beauty or simply poses of your family member?

If your main answers are the beauty and aesthetics of the moment, then you are more likely a fine art style wedding photographer Essex. But if you find the importance of the events and find a streak of pictures depicting the storyline of those events, then you are more suited to be a reportage wedding photographer.

Obviously, if you are seeing few to none pictures of people or simply random people, you might not be suited to take wedding pictures where you are required to blend in among guests and constantly work with others.

3.     What are the expressions of the people in your pictures?

Humans can convey 21 expressions according to a study and there’s still an ongoing debate with how many total expressions can we create. The possibility is endless. Yet, there must be something that seems to always strike your heart and urge you to take out your camera to snap that face. What is it? Is it the joyful face of your friend? Is it the serious face of a study mate? If you spread out your photos in prints on a floor, can you determine the mood of those pictures?

Answering this help in deciding the tone your pictures. It usually ranges from relaxed and cheerful, crazy and hilarious to serious and glamorous. Different tone requires different methods and techniques and sometimes even gears in taking those pictures.

4.     Are you willing to practice in that style to enhance your skills even further?

Trends and fads change very fast. Your job is to be able to create pictures that last long and treasured by your clients. Thus, you need to constantly update yourself with the latest methods and techniques and while abiding to the trends, you incorporate your own style to create something different that your clients will love even after 30 years of their marriage.

10 Wedding Moments that Should be Photographed

wedding photographer essexA wedding is a gathering of people that are special to the groom and bride and that would take roughly five hours in total. It is also a highlight in the couple’s lives, filled with priceless memories that would be captured on photographs. But imagine when you’re reviewing your wedding album and realize that the photographer missed to capture a scene that you really treasured? You definitely would not want that to happen so it’s vital that you list down the moments that you want your wedding photographer Essex to capture.

First and foremost would of course be the kiss between the couple.

It’s a staple shot for weddings, and one that a lot of people, besides the wedding photographer Essex, would be capturing as well. Another one would be the entry of the bride, the bridal walk. When she walks in wearing the beautiful white dress all eyes are on her. It should be captured so that the bride can relive that moment again. The face of the groom and his reaction at seeing his wife should also be photographed. This is a precious moment between the two, with raw emotion even at a distance. The fourth would be that moment when the father of the bride gives away his daughter, and entrusts her to her husband to be. This represents how the bride, from becoming a daughter, becomes a wife to her husband. This photo will be the one the bride’s father will greatly appreciate. The next would be when the bride and groom exit the church or wherever the ceremony was held. This is one of their first moments as Mr. and Mrs. so it should be photographed. Usually waiting for them outside the venue would be their family and guests welcoming them to the world as husband and wife.

The first dance of the couple is another important moment that should be captured as well.

It’s their first interaction without all the formality, because it’s already during the reception. During the reception some people will give heartfelt speeches and messages. Friends, families, colleagues, would tell the audience their stories about the couple and their love for each other which the couple would greatly appreciate. It’s important to capture these moments because it would make the couple remember that so many people are rooting for them. The number eight of this list would be the couples’ slicing of the cake and feeding each other. It’s a rather sweet gesture, and sometimes it could get comedic. Be sure to include in the photo with the couple the cake. The ninth moment that should be captured would be when the garter is taken off and tossed. It’s another of those comedic moments and the bride and groom would be having fun with this together with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, so it’s a memory that should definitely be remembered.

Photos for this moment are hard to get though because of all the movement.

Check Justin Bailey Photography who specializes in capturing movement in photos. See his portfolio and think of other moments that you would want to be captured. The last and final moment that should be photographed would be the throwing of the bouquet by the bride. So many girls want to be the ‘next’ one so it’s fun for the bride to see them scrambling to get the bouquet, so it’s another memory that the bride would love to remember. Of course, the important moments that should be photographed are not limited to this. In the end it’s what you want that should be considered, so be sure to list the other moments that you would like to be photographed to avoid confusion on the day.

Be This Wedding Photographer Essex Expert

Wear the right kind of shoes in this wedding photographer Essex endeavor.

this wedding photographer essexThis may sound a bit superficial but the truth of the matter is that when it all comes down to it, the kind of shoes that you end up wearing to an event can really turn out to affect your overall performance as a professional wedding photographer. Keep this in mind all of the time because things like these will really matter in the long run. You need to know what you are going to wear. Envision yourself wearing those shoes for extended periods of time. If it is something that has the tendency to make your feet hurt or impede your movements such as running and walking, then it might not be the perfect shoes for you to wear to a wedding event. You need to know what you will be looking out for at the end of the day before you decide on the pair of shoes you will end up wearing for it. Go for something that looks nice and impressive but at the same time, will keep your feet in perfect condition as well.

Always take care of the snap shooters the entire time that you are there.

The snap shooters will always be a bit of a hassle when you come to think about it. From a wedding photographer’s perspective, the snap shooters can cause serious delays and issues during the wedding photo shoot and you need to make sure that you will be able to handle them the right way at the end of the day. What you can do is that you can try to see if it would be possible for you to include a clause in the contract about your preferred setup for other photographers in the wedding. It might not curb the problem completely but it will surely get to lessen it a lot, especially when the clients are in on it and especially when they know what your stand is when it comes to the aspect of the snap shooters during the wedding.

Pay attention to client discussions

Be this wedding photographer Essex who pays attention to client discussions. The things that you discuss with your clients before they sign the deal or make the decision to go ahead and hire you as their official wedding photographer will be extremely pivotal in the way that the rest of the agreement pans out as you go along. Have your agenda written up beforehand and try to review it as much as possible so that you know what you are looking out for at the end of the day. This way, you don’t miss out on anything important.

Get a shot list together as much as possible.

You need to know what the important moments are, when they are happening, and in what order you should be taking them. The shot list will guide you through that all the way and it is the kind of thing that you will be able to take care of the right way.