Important Knowledge Wedding Photographers Need

wedding photography tips1. Have your assistant or second shooter go around asking for the business cards or contact info of all of the vendors or service provider in the wedding.

Most wedding photographers forget the fact that it is extremely important to know how to network during the wedding event. If you are something that is fairly new to this, then what you can do is to make sure that you make the effort of collecting all of the information you possibly can about wedding vendors. Keeping in touch with your colleagues in the wedding industry is extremely important so that you will be able to include them at the bottom of your blog. When you feature vendors at the bottom of your blog and send them a notification that you have done so, they will have the inclination to return the favor and more or less do the same. If the bride and groom has a wedding planner who is running things for them, then it will be far easier for you to collect the information because you can get them all from one person and all in one place. If you take this little initiative, you will surely get that said effort paid back in tenfold.

2. Establish a strong relationship with the key players in the wedding.

It is important for you to make sure that you are able to have all of the right contacts so that you will have something to consult to and someone to consult with once the wedding event comes to pass. Ask the bride and groom for the names and phone numbers of the best man and of the maid in honor. Talk to them and discuss any possible wedding related plans. Make it a point wherein you are able to establish a relationship that is strong enough for you to be able to be on first name basis with them. What you need to understand is that most wedding photographers do not have access to the bride and groom most of the time during the wedding. You need go-to people that you will be able to consult with if you have any questions or any other concerns related to the wedding. These people are usually part of the planning process so you can count on them to really know what to tell you in the event of uncertainty.

3. Do not forget the fact that wedding dresses are prevalently white.

That has always been the case in the past one hundred years. And it looks like that kind of trend or preference among brides will still stand for more years to come. That may not cause too many issues for the bride but it can give a unique set of challenges for the wedding photographer surrey. The issue with the wedding dress having a lot of white is the fact that the camera is not smart enough to understand that it is just seeing something that has a lot of white. It thinks that the wedding dress is one big bright spot that it would need to balance out in order to “save” the rest of the picture. If you do not do anything, the wedding dress will come out looking grayish and dull. A bride spends a fortune on her wedding dress and she will be absolutely disappointed if you are unable to capture the said dress in all of its glory and beauty. One quick fix for this particular problem would be for you to dial in some positive exposure compensation.

Wedding Photography Pointers for the Newbies

wedding photographyList shots

Write down a list of all of the shots that you need to make for the wedding event. In the world of wedding photography, the list is basically a to-do list of all of the shots that you need to have. The items in the list more oftentimes come from the clients so it is always great to start off with what they would like to have in the list. It would also be great if you can put in a few of your own items. Discuss it with them thoroughly and really get down to the basics but flurry it in with a few add ons at some point. This list is something that you should have on you all throughout the event. Cross things out as you go along. This is the best way for you to make sure that you do not really forget anything.

Find a photo coordinator

Get someone from the family who can act as your photo coordinator to make group pictures easier to manage for you. Group photos are one of the hardest things to manage in the world of wedding photography. You want to find someone who knows the family and someone whom people won’t mind if he starts giving out instructions for people to get on the stage or for people to get out or clear out. This is something that is hard to do if you, being the stranger photographer who does not really know anyone, will start barking orders out in the air and you don’t know who’s who exactly.

Scout the venue

Scout the wedding venue well ahead of time. Visiting the location ahead of time and well before the wedding date will give you the upper hand of checking the place out and envisioning how it will look like during the day of the event. You will want to pay attention to how the light changes and how they fall. You might want to visit at the same time of the day that the wedding event is being held in. If you get to have the chance, try to bring the couple with you so you can do a few practice shots. You can consider it as the engagement shoot. You will certainly benefit a lot from having the chance to check out both the couple and the place as well at the same time.

Be prepared

Always come prepared for the big day and make sure all possible loopholes are covered. Prepare your gear ahead of time. Pack up more than enough batteries and memory cards and try to plan as well for inclement weather in case the setting is outdoors.

Turn off camera sounds

Turn off the sound of your cameras as well as the flash, if you can help it. Try to be as unobtrusive as you possibly can. Turn off the shutter sounds in your camera settings when you are taking photos and if the amount of natural light will allow it, try to avoid using your flash altogether so as not to disrupt meaningful conversations or distract people.

Shoot in RAW

Shoot your images in RAW and not in JPEG format. RAW maintains all of the information in the photo and makes things really easy to touch up because nothing is auto edited or omitted by the camera settings. Sure, it takes up more space and takes more time than usual when editing post shoot but it’s definitely worth it.

Beach Wedding Photography Tips for You

beach wedding photographyIf there is one thing that you would need to worry about when it comes to beach wedding photography, it would have to be the fact that natural light might get in your way. You are probably thinking how in the world natural light can ever be bad. Natural light is actually quite tricky to deal with especially when there is a lot of it to deal with. Too much of anything (even natural light, which is a good thing) can be bad for you and for your ever growing journey for the most perfect wedding photography. Harsh light makes it extremely difficult for the photographer to gauge what kind of exposure he is getting. The secret is actually in your histogram. The fastest trick would be to shift the histogram to the right hand side it the light is getting a little too bright.

Sunsets and beaches go hand in hand.

This is one of the greatest combinations that you can ever get to make in beach wedding photography. Something like this will basically come in get you a lot of chances to capture amazing silhouettes that look gorgeous and breathtaking when they come out in the photos. One great way for you to be able to capture this would be to turn off the flash first and foremost. Turn off any other automatic options and settings and instead go for manual mode in your camera. You are aiming to get exposure for the horizon and for the sky and not for the people you are taking photos of. Take note that you cannot capture their facial features so their body language needs to be emphatic and theatrical enough to be able to have some kind of effect on the photos.

There is always motion of some kind going on in the beach.

There are the ways, the palm trees, the wind, and even the couple you are trying to take photos of. They are always in motion and in order for you to excel in beach wedding photography; you need to find the poetry that comes in with all of those elements put together in the images. Have the subjects walking both into and out of the frame. That will give you a nice balance for things and will really have you end up with breathtaking pictures.

And lastly, let this be a word of precaution for you; do not let the sand ever get into your gear.

You will ruin your camera and your lenses doing this. Never put your gear on the sand. As much as possible, do not change your lenses in the beach and try to get a tripod to keep your camera elevated at all times if you can. Getting sand on your lenses or camera is every wedding photographer’s nightmare so be sure to avoid that at all times. Bring along a whole assortment of zip lock bags. This will help you keep everything sealed and safe. Try to zip lock everything as you go along and as much as you can.