4 Easy SEO Tips for Photographers

SEO for photographersLearning about SEO is never easy especially when you major in photography, not IT or even marketing. You never knew how to do business online and settle a site that will be visited or rank high.

That’s why we’ve designed these quick tips of SEO for photographers. We make it easy to understand for all of you photographers.

Name your pictures

It’s important that all your images files are named properly. So far, the search engine’s only capability to generate search results is through words. It doesn’t have the capability to understand if a picture is showing a beautiful rainforest or gloomy, rainy wedding pictures. If you want people looking for it to find those pictures, you need to name them accordingly.

Not just naming, when you open the box, there are a lot of lists available. They range from alt text, description, and tags that you can input. Try to complete all the boxes as much as possible.

PS: Name the link to your separate webpages as well. Instead of mygallery.com/index/32142, name the page into something recognizable. Mygallery.com/portfolios/barnyardweddings will definitely be easier to recognize by Google.

Don’t just upload all the pictures

We understand that your biggest marketing asset is your portfolio. Those past works are what drive the customers to look more and contact you. They are the ones that prove your skills. However, at the same time, you need to make your page less annoying because of all the pictures you’ve uploaded.

You’ve probably encountered several sites that simply load so much longer than others because of the media files in it. Such sites aren’t well-optimized and make going around slow and buggy. But if you, for example, visit this site www.photoproseo.com that also gives even more tips on SEO for photographers, you’ll notice that you’re getting everywhere easily with little problem.

Download plugins that will help you optimize the images so that it won’t load until the visitor actually scrolls to it. On the other hand, you can also show thumbnails first and allow the pictures to load only when the visitors click on them. Using a gallery that does this all is also possible.

Keyword research

There’s usually a keyword in your blogs or homepage that cause the most visitors to click on your link. You can use your plugin to find out what it is or do a keyword research to find out what is the most relevant word people use with photography. The latter is important if you want to continuously generate content that will attract people to come.

Be active!

Writing is probably something that you’re not very good at. Yet, it’s still possible to do! Update your blog regularly and you can write about the most recent wedding you worked on and describe how it is. Include some of the best pictures you got from it and include a keyword if you want to.

Basically, just write about your experience on that day. It’s always easier to write truthfully about what happened and the words will come along smoothly with that. How is it? These 4 tips of SEO for photographers don’t sound too hard, do they?