Basic Things About Newborn Photography London for Parents

newborn photography LondonOkay, so, before you decide on booking for a newborn photography London session, you will want to know the following facts and tips. These are useful especially if you do not know what to expect or even how newborn and baby photography can be different.

Newborn and baby photography

Newborn photography London session is done when the baby is still within the ‘newborn’ stage. This means that the baby is still in an adjusting phase and will spend most of the time sleeping. They will also still retain the hair they were born with (because the hair will fall out at one stage in their life!).

That means you need to book in advance to make sure there’s a space for you. If you come to the photographer after you’ve delivered, there are big chances that no one will be available for you and you’re stuck to having to book for baby photography at best.

During your second trimester or beginning of their trimester is the best. After mentioning your due date, ask if they will allow any flexibility around the due date (because it’s not always accurate).

Call your photographer

If you want newborn pictures taken at the hospital, it’s important that you make a phone call the day of your delivery. Preferably, your partner should remember to do this. Thus, your photographer can get ready and leave to start taking pictures of you and your newborn baby.

At the studio

The same thing, you still need to call as soon as you’ve delivered and set on the date. The best day would be after 5 days and before 14 days after you’re discharged. Make sure that you are comfortable and strong enough. Bring your partner and your other children, if you have, to take pictures together. You will also need companies for waiting for the session to be over.

Bring baby needs

Bring everything your baby will need, such as extra diapers and clothes. You will also want to feed the baby before commencing on the newborn photography London session. Sleepy and calm baby is easier to move and mold.

Let the baby come wrapped in a blanket, but not wearing anything. This is so that there won’t be too much moving the babies and waking it up as well as the easier process to place and mold the baby.

Wear in moderation

Everything about the baby and newborn photography is natural. Nothing should be too fancy or sparkling. Since your baby will just appear naked or simply wrapped in a blanket, you shouldn’t steal the spot. The main focus of the pictures should be your newborn baby.

Bring plain clothes or matching clothes with your family, such all, black, white, or other favorite colors, to wear. Make some interesting pictures! You can discuss this with your newborn photographer before going.

Sit back and relax!

And just enjoy the session! If you have your partner or a friend that is willing to tag along, it’ll be a great time-killer. The session takes up from 2 to 4 hours, so make sure that your other children have something to occupy them! Bring some snacks or toys and make sure the studio is clean after eating.