Lancashire Wedding Photography – How to Collaborate With Your Wedding Photographer

Lancashire wedding photographyYou might currently be in the early stages or later stages of wedding plans and yet you find yourself unsure how best to work alongside your Lancashire wedding photographer. No need to panic about this as most couples have had this worry preceding the events of their wedding. Everyone In order to assuage your worries, take a look at the following tips that will ensure a harmonious working collaboration between you and your wedding photographer:

Make sure all important areas are accessible

It means that for your Lancashire wedding photography, it is important that your wedding photographer be granted access to all important areas that will have parts to play in the course of the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. For example, the cutting of the cake, the first dance, exchange of vows and bouquet toss are all events in the wedding that your photographer needs to have a strategic spot for. He or she can make it a point to get a vantage point on a staircase if needed

Request that your guests do not restrict the photographer’s movement

During your wedding, you are likely to have friends and family members come along with their digital cameras and smartphones hoping to capture images of your wedding for their own benefits. Your photographer will welcome their enthusiasm during the portrait session taking place after the ceremony. At the same time, this enthusiasm can act as an obstacle to getting the type of pictures needed. For example, an enthusiastic child acting as a budding photographer might make a wrong move that damages the photographer’s equipment. It is advisable to let your guests know ahead of time to give the photographer enough room to work while they stay by the side lines.

Talk about locations

Another way to make the job of your wedding photographer easy is by talking about the great location close to the ceremony as they serve as a wonderful backdrop for your wedding portraits. Although the wedding photographer is bound to be an expert on zoning on beautiful locations, you are the one getting married and you are the one who will be paying for the final products and as a result, your input on this matter has weight. It is therefore reasonable to scout for locations before the ceremony and make it known to your photographer that you would like it included in your portraits. Check out on beautiful use of locations.

Keep your photographer informed

The end product of the wedding covered by the photographer is your wedding album containing the special moments. If you want all the special moments that occurred in your wedding to be recorded, then it is important to give your photographer all the necessary information from the schedule of the wedding to the location of certain important things like the wedding cake, bouquet toss etc. This way, he will be able to get there on time to scout the best spots to capture these events.

Posing Guide For Lancashire Wedding Photographers: Why You Need It and 6 Tips on Choosing the Right Guide

lancashire wedding photographerThe use of a posing guide during the course of a wedding by a wedding photographer can be said to be similar to a tennis pro making use of a log book during his next competitive match. In these scenarios, it can be said that the guide is not a necessity as the impact of the photographs are essentially based on skill, the intuitive ability to read situations, the number of years under his belt, the source of inspiration and the honed sense of knowing what to do at the right time. Most individuals assume that every professional wedding photographer in Lancashire have unwavering loads of confidence and strong self-belief in their ability to capture the right shots at the right time but that is not the case in reality.


Not everything should be taking for granted so therefore, the act of diversification and prudence is something that most wedding photographers strive for in the delivery of their services. After all, it is unheard of for a commercial pilot not to perform a checklist before take-off or even a medical doctor to ignore the latest of innovations in his field. If these things help professionals to remain relevant and makes their trade easier, then the use of a posing guide by a wedding photographer does not do any harm.

There are various reasons why a wedding posing guide can come in handy but pictures are worth more than a thousand words so check out to see instances where they bring about unique photos. A wedding photographer that decides to abstain from the use of a posing guide runs the risk of being too predictable and conservative thereby leading him or her to be considered as an ordinary Lancashire photographer instead of extraordinary that should be the aim.

When selecting a posing guide there are certain basic prerequisites that need to be considered:

  • The guide has to have two major factors and that is detail and comprehensiveness.
  • Compact enough to be discreetly made use of
  • The guide must be the work of a professional wedding photographer or industry heavy weights that have years of experience.
  • It must convey communication tips to help in easing the comfort level of the couple especially when you ask them to try certain poses.
  • Creativity must be something encouraged in the guide but that does not mean it should be complex
  • A guide that offers both pictures and support text has a higher chance of getting you to achieve the desired result.

Making use of a wedding photography posing guide is not something that needs to be negotiated as modern day trends show no sign of waiting for the photographer to catch up rather, they keep evolving and if the modern day couple are aware of them, then there is no excuse why the wedding photographer should not be. The trend of the past is barely passable in modern day and what was considered excellent the fay be before might just be considered as mediocre today.