Beach Wedding Photography Tips for You

beach wedding photographyIf there is one thing that you would need to worry about when it comes to beach wedding photography, it would have to be the fact that natural light might get in your way. You are probably thinking how in the world natural light can ever be bad. Natural light is actually quite tricky to deal with especially when there is a lot of it to deal with. Too much of anything (even natural light, which is a good thing) can be bad for you and for your ever growing journey for the most perfect wedding photography. Harsh light makes it extremely difficult for the photographer to gauge what kind of exposure he is getting. The secret is actually in your histogram. The fastest trick would be to shift the histogram to the right hand side it the light is getting a little too bright.

Sunsets and beaches go hand in hand.

This is one of the greatest combinations that you can ever get to make in beach wedding photography. Something like this will basically come in get you a lot of chances to capture amazing silhouettes that look gorgeous and breathtaking when they come out in the photos. One great way for you to be able to capture this would be to turn off the flash first and foremost. Turn off any other automatic options and settings and instead go for manual mode in your camera. You are aiming to get exposure for the horizon and for the sky and not for the people you are taking photos of. Take note that you cannot capture their facial features so their body language needs to be emphatic and theatrical enough to be able to have some kind of effect on the photos.

There is always motion of some kind going on in the beach.

There are the ways, the palm trees, the wind, and even the couple you are trying to take photos of. They are always in motion and in order for you to excel in beach wedding photography; you need to find the poetry that comes in with all of those elements put together in the images. Have the subjects walking both into and out of the frame. That will give you a nice balance for things and will really have you end up with breathtaking pictures.

And lastly, let this be a word of precaution for you; do not let the sand ever get into your gear.

You will ruin your camera and your lenses doing this. Never put your gear on the sand. As much as possible, do not change your lenses in the beach and try to get a tripod to keep your camera elevated at all times if you can. Getting sand on your lenses or camera is every wedding photographer’s nightmare so be sure to avoid that at all times. Bring along a whole assortment of zip lock bags. This will help you keep everything sealed and safe. Try to zip lock everything as you go along and as much as you can.