How a Photographer Dundee Can Submit Their Work to Magazines

photographer DundeeEvery photographer Dundee wants their work to be seen and displayed. This is one of the best means of business promotion, after all. It’s also a really cool way to get some self-assurance and a sense of accomplishment. One way to get your work out there and seen by the world is to submit your pictures to magazines.

  • Create a Photo Book/Manage Your Website

Your photo book is pretty much your portfolio, just the same as your website. You will want both to look amazing so that when you are searched or found by any agency, they can see your amazing work and what defines you as a photographer.

Your photo book will be sent in to these agencies, so you will want it to look the best and most professional that it can be. This photo book will basically act as an application for you to be featured in these magazines, and the website will be your reference.

  • Find and Select Who You Want to Feature You

You, as a photographer Dundee, likely have some sort of an idea of where you want your art to be featured, If you don’t, or if you want more places to feature you, then start researching. You will want to find as many magazine agencies as you can, so that your art can be featured more than just once.

Once you have made your final decisions, mail them your photo book and send them amazingly written emails, just like you would for any job application. You can also go in to their buildings and hand deliver a copy of your photo book to them.

  • Call Them After You Submit Your Work

Once you have done all of that, keep up with them. Call them to check up on whether they have seen your work, and tell them why you would like to be featured by that specific magazine company. Be sure to include your favorite things about their company and works.

  • Be Prepared For an Interview

If you get called back or accepted for a personal interview, then you’ll want a printed copy of your photo book on hand to show off. Along with that, you may want to show them some things you’ve done in between the time of submitting work and the interview.

Have a readied file with your contact information, website link, full name and business name attached to the photo book you take in. Don’t take in your original, because depending on what happened to the first one you sent in they may ask you to keep the one you brought in.

A photographer Dundee just like Angus Forbes Photography must be prepared and determined. Have an interview file as suggested set up prior to being called back for an interview. Also, don’t be afraid to send your work in again. Be persistent. If any company or agency tells you no, then try again later. It’s likely that they are just full up at the time you sent in your work, so don’t be afraid to try again after rejection.