Lifestyle Baby Photography: Home, Light, and Couches

baby photosPlanning to have some baby photos taken at home? Then, you might want to know more about lifestyle baby photography. Find out what takes place and what parents can prepare to get the most out of it!

Home sweet home!

Lifestyle baby photography is typically done at the home of the baby. More than just about the comfort, it’s important that you can create memories from the moment they are born at the very place they’ll grow up in.

Don’t worry about tidying up every corner of the house, because photographer typically already have several rooms in mind that will be used. Usually, they’ll be taken in the living room, master bedroom, baby’s room, and on a wide couch (to have everybody sits down and take a group picture).

Give them a little tour!

Your baby photographer can be arriving earlier or make a visit before the actual day to scout your home. The idea is to find the best place to have the pictures take because natural light is a big factor in taking baby photos.

Big windows, doors, glass walls, and the light can help enhance the lighting and quality of the pictures. Of course, they have the necessary lighting kit if it’s not bright enough, but babies have sensitive eyes during their early years. It’s best to keep flash away from their eyes as much as possible.

Keep the room warm!

Crank up the heater to a suitable temperature for the baby. The baby will be naked for several pictures, so it’ll get cold pretty quick if you don’t heat the room up. Of course, there’s no need to heat things up in summer!

Keep the baby fed!

It’s best if the baby is feeling full and happy. For newborns, especially, they need to be full to sleep soundly. It’s best to discuss with your photographer the best time to feed. Some would typically prefer it if mothers can feed the baby 15 minutes before they arrive.

Tell your photographer how you feel!

Mothers who just had their babies may feel exhausted and overwhelmed, so never be too cautious to express how you’re feeling. If a certain position is painful to you, tell us about it! The most important thing in this session is that both mother and baby are comfortable and safe. There shouldn’t be a compromise just to get a picture.

Bring out the props!

If there are any props you want to be included just mention it! Photographers are happy to include anything that is personal and make your baby pictures different from others. If there’s a toy, blanket, or hats or toys that you really want to see your baby with, just tell your photographer and discuss it.

Bring in the family members!

Your baby is the main player, but it’ll definitely be better if everyone can also be included. Does he have older siblings? Then they should get a cute picture together? Do you have a pet dog? You should have said so earlier! And you, parents, are out of question. You must be included to make the pictures complete.

You can take this chance to get a family portrait at home!

Yes, outdoor shoots are very possible!

If you want to shoot somewhere outside the house, it’s possible! As long as the weather is cooperative and sunny, nothing is going to happen to your baby when cloth well. There’s enough light everywhere, so it’s even better for the photographer.

Ways To Make Your Baby More Comfortable During A Shoot

Make sure he doesn’t feel cold.

baby photographyThe baby is bound to feel cold at some point or so during the baby photography shoot and this is why you need to make sure that you get to take care of that accordingly. If you observe most of the baby photos posted online close enough, you will soon notice that most if not all of them involve the baby posing in the nude all the time. Your baby will also be posing in the nude all the time. There is a certain innocence and a certain purity to the scene of a baby being photographed in nothing but himself with no clothes and nothing else coming from this world surrounding him. Of course, there will also be other photos that include clothes, shawls even, and perhaps toys but the nude shots are usually the most iconic ones out there. If the room has an air conditioner, you should probably try to see if you can increase the temperature a bit so that the baby isn’t feeling cold and uncomfortable. There are so many things you can do to help him stabilize his body temperature and it will pay off because it means that your photo shoot will not be disrupted or disturbed.

Talk to him constantly.

Your voice will help make him feel more comfortable and more assured of what he has to go through with. The baby photography session will be weird for the baby. It isn’t something that he is used to being in and he will find the environment a little strange. Also, the camera flash can irritate him more than you know. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a baby to throw a fit because of that. If you constantly talk to him though and make him feel that he is safe and secure, you can help assuage him a little bit by talking to him more or by at least letting him hear your voice.

Anticipate the possible irritating elements.

There are a lot of things that can irritate a baby from the dust in the baby photography studio to harsh lighting to the camera flash or even to the constant whirring of the camera. You need to anticipate this and you need to make sure that you get to do something about this. Play some gentle music in the background to help make the baby feel more at ease with what is going on so far. Rub him up a little to help make him feel safer and more secure.

Take the in between takes seriously.

Take care of your baby. This is your window so don’t just sit idly by. This is your time to hold him, change his clothes or even his diaper, put in that pacifier, or perhaps even feed him. Don’t just sit around thinking that your baby photographer will be able to handle things on his own because he can’t and he shouldn’t. As a parent, you should actively take part in the process in the best way that you can.