Wedding Photography Business Tips

Get a handle on the lighting.

wedding photographyA common and recurring challenge in wedding photography is in the aspect of being able to really properly control and get a handle on the lighting and on the contrasting shadows that usually come along with harsh lighting. You need to make sure that you are able to really control this because lighting is something that can really ruin a wedding photography if it is not something that is being handled right at the end of the day. One wedding photography tool that will be able to help you control the lighting situation better during your wedding photography is a flash bracket. There will be a lot of wedding photographers Hampshire out there who will argue that a flash bracket is not really the most necessary kind of equipment for you to start investing on especially if you are still quite new to wedding photography but if you want to get a head start on the quality of the images that you are taking pretty early on, then buying a flash bracket isn’t really a bad idea. This kind of wedding photography accessory will be able to improve the quality of the photos that you are taking by at least ten times. It is definitely worth the money that you spend on it as well as the extra effort to go ahead and attach it externally at the end of the day.

Pay attention the details of the bride’s wedding dress. If she has gone through the motions of really including a train in the dress, then this should be your clue to the importance of that said added feature on the dress. The main purpose of the train of the dress is to add drama and a certain sense of impact on the dress. There is a pretty good chance that this is what the bride is trying to achieve in the process. Make sure that you set aside some really good takes on the train of the wedding dress during your wedding photography shoot so that you will be able to more or less make sure that things can really work out well for you when it all comes down to it. If you don’t give the train of the dress the kind of focus and attention that it’s due, the bride will seriously be disappointed about it so make it a point to not forget this important little tidbit of info during your wedding photography shoot.

Remove the color

Some of the most dramatic and impactful ways for you to showcase the images in your wedding photography shoot is to remove the color altogether. A black and white scheme is something that works well with weddings because it comes off looking classy and soft. There is a certain inexplicable poeticism that comes along with a black and white scheme that you will be able to really use to your advantage when you are trying to provide wedding photography coverage for the bride and groom. Black and white can also minimize any skin blemishes and has a somewhat airbrushed effect without the added effort.

What’s So Different About Asian Wedding Photography?

wedding tipsIf you have been working in the niche of wedding photography for quite a while now, then it probably comes as no surprise how varied cultures and practices can be all around the world. Wedding photography is one of the most lucrative niches out there and if you want to be as marketable as ever, you should be open enough to cater to different kinds of cultures and different kinds of traditions that the bride and groom may want to uphold all throughout the wedding proceedings one way or the other. Wedding photography is not the easiest niche for a new wedding photographer to get into but once you are able to muscle your way in, and for as long as you are able to continually work at it, you have a pretty good chance of really making great profits out of it and eventually be able to do it as a living and full time.

Asian culture

Asian wedding photography is a completely different ball game compared to western wedding photography at some point. Asian culture is rich in traditions and culture. It usually involves a lot of rituals that date back to the early beginnings of civilization and it is very unique and meaningful, to say the least. There is usually festive and upbeat music involved and a lot of dancing at some point. It is all very colorful and the party just tends to come alive when it all comes down to it.


As the expert in Asian wedding photography, you should go through the motions of making sure that you really initiate an in-depth research about the kind of culture at hand. Asia consists of a lot of nations and different kinds of cultures that vary tremendously from each other. Find out what exactly you are getting yourself into because the last thing that you want to do is end up with a misconstrued concept about the entire event.


The first thing that you should do as the official wedding photographer would have to be to sit down with the bride and the groom and have a really good and long talk about the task at hand. Do not get into something that you do not completely understand. As much as possible, find out as much as you possibly can about the event that you are covering. You need to know what kind of requirements the bride and groom are asking for as well as what they are expecting from you as well.

Draw lines

Draw all of the necessary lines in the agreement early on to make sure that there are no misunderstandings in between. If you can, try to get everything down on paper and really list them all down so that you have a point of reference and so that you will have a way to keep things in check.  Ask the bride and the groom for a set of must have shots and compile them all in a list. Make sure that you are able to follow through on this list and that you do not miss anything at any point in time. This is not an argument that you would like to get into any time soon.