The Artistic Approach To Your Wedding Photographs

Art in weddings

fine art wedding photographyFine art wedding photography, the aim of the photographer should be to get images that are to be revered as being works of art. In this style of wedding photography, what comes first is the photographer getting inspiration as to what he wants the outcome of the pictures to be. The eventual results are what the photographer envisioned from the beginning. This means that the photographer covers the wedding with a set idea of how the eventual images should be.

For the modern day wedding, most couples lean towards fine art wedding photography as their wedding style. Going by the fact that the photographer already has something in mind regarding how the pictures should be, the shots gotten are then following the narrative of the photographer. In the images, everything from setting, colour, composition, backdrop and lighting matter in the eventual outcome.

Although most people tend to mistake the fine art wedding photography with photojournalism, the two could not be anymore different from one another. For photojournalism, the focus is based on giving a realistic replication of the events which took place at the wedding without embellishments. However, with fine art, the case is different. The artistic flair of the photographer shines through in the pictures and obvious in their portfolios as well.

The picture the photographer creates is given the term “art” if it resonates certain feelings.

The by-line

Other photographs that do not fall within the fine art style, are often based on the structure of objects or subject of something without the aim to effect the state of the viewer. Although it is fact that there exists images that are not specifically orchestrated by the photographer regardless, they still manage to relate the connection intended.

In the case of fine art wedding photography, there are different ways in which the images taken can be classified. This is as a result of the lack of objectivity in these pictures. It can then be said that the resulting images are a portrayal of the photographer and not the object.

In spite of these individualities of the fine art wedding photography, it also tries to combine the expression of personal aspects of the photographer with universal questions in order to be able to approach the greater part of the public.

Relate the tale

Although it is great to make a great photo of the bride and groom, the main job as a photographer is to tell the story of the whole event. I think the fundamental difference between an amateur photographer and a professional photographer is that the amateur is content if he gets one or two good photos of the day, while the professional has to make sure that they get an acceptable and artistic take on each situation. This is never as important as at a wedding, you can not go back and do it again, so you have the one that ensures that everything is controlled.

It is very important to know if you should be standing to get the best angle or make sure you have a space reserved for you if you are going to be the last one to enter the church.

How to Create Wedding Stories from Photographs by the York Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer yorkCreating images by the York wedding photographer that tell the story of the day should be a great skill to be learned.


The York wedding photographer should capture images from different sessions of a wedding that can be used to formulate a good story. Such images can be captured from the following scenes:

The engagement shoot: the engagement shoot is the first opportunity to work with the bride and groom and begin to build a rapport with them. It’s also a chance for them to see how you work. Often, couples have not spent any time, so take this opportunity to help them relax and feel comfortable with you.


There is so much going on in the bride’s quarters on the morning of the wedding—it can be an opportunity for the York wedding photographer to capture the mood and the ambience in the room. The bride will have spent a lot of time and money on the details of her day. Every part of her dress will have been well thought out and loved for a different reason.

Her perfume, jewelry, shoes, headpiece, and flowers will have been hand-picked for the occasion, and she will want to have a lasting image of all of them. Identifying and capturing these small details in an interesting and artistic way is important.

Often there are many people present as the bride prepares. Some of them will be there to provide services, others because they have a special relationship with her. Keep an eye out for small interactions between them that highlight this relationship so that you can document these moments outside of a traditional portrait format. It is these images that will hold the most value to the client.

The formal family portrait is very important, especially to the bride’s parents. Family portraits also help tell the story within an album, so images that show emotion and action can sometimes speak louder than the perfect positioning and lighting. During the bride’s preparation time it is important to achieve both a formal portrait of the family and to also capture a portrait that is more journalistic.

The bride has painstakingly selected her own attire, as well as the outfits and accessories worn by her attendants, and this will provide you with fantastic subjects for your images. The bridal attendants will be either old friends or close family members with a strong bond with the bride. It’s important to capture natural-looking images of the bridesmaids as a whole group, individually, and in smaller groups.

Then, take some time to find a beautiful backdrop and position them for a more formal image.

Every bride will want a beautiful portrait of herself on her wedding day. For most women, this is one day in their lives where they want to look absolutely perfect. When the York wedding photographer is taking pictures of the portrait of the bride it is necessary to bear in mind her kind of person and the image she has created for her self. Your intention is to deliver to her one of the most appealing images she will ever see of herself, a reminder of love and beauty.

Getting a Wedding Planner Involved in the Wedding Details

Why is a Wedding Planner Important?

wedding photographer andoverThe role a wedding planner plays in a wedding should not be undermined. Although most people see wedding planners as an added expense they can do without, in the planning of a wedding, these wedding planners usually justify their expense. The role a wedding planner plays is an integral part as they are the individuals that can unite a whole lot of wedding vendors together simply for the sake of planning your wedding.

A wedding planner has extensive reach to the point where they can bring together a wedding photographer Andover, a wedding florist, a wedding decorator, a wedding caterer, a wedding venue etc. The wealth of contacts and information available to a wedding planner is unparalleled by the average couple who seeks to get wed and just decides to browse the internet for it. The fact that a wedding planner makes the wedding niche their profession, then it is their job to have this information at hand.

You may be thinking that anyone can get the contact of a wedding photographer Andover or any other vendor for that matter from the internet. Well that is true. Information once you know how to get it can be easily accessible. However, have you thought of whether the information available on the internet is trustworthy? Can you verify the source? How sure are you that the website owned by a certain prestigious wedding vendor isn’t just a scam. The truth is you never can tell until you make necessary investigations yourself.

With the wedding fast approaching, the next thing you have to consider is whether you have enough time on ground to go about searching for the services of wedding vendors such as the wedding photographer Andover and verifying them. Even if the wedding is mere months away, won’t the other activites of your daily life prevent you from dedicating effort to it? The best option will be to save yourself the entire stress and get a wedding planner.

What the Wedding Planner Does

What getting a wedding planner does is to save you the stress of having to worry about every little detail of your wedding. Everything from preparation, organization, contracting of wedding vendors etc are all arranged by the wedding planner. All you need do is show your approval for certain choices and give your opinion on what you expect your wedding to be like.

The wedding planner asks for you aspirations on your wedding through a consultation that is usually done before a contract is drawn between them and the couple. With the picture in mind of what the couple expects from the wedding, the wedding planner sets on the path to achieving all this.

For the wedding couple, wedding planning is not something that they do on a regular basis and with the demands of everyday life upon them, the relief from having someone who knows what weddings are about can be profound. So save yourself the headache and stress as you see your dream wedding become a reality.